The Lavalanche Attack is a punishing gush of molten lava. Creatures who are adept in both Earth and Fire Elements, like Tangath Toborn and Maxxor, are especially skilled at using this Attack.


A very devastating attack that deals 10 base damage and 5 elemental damage for fire and earth types. Costs 3 build points.

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The Lavalanche Attack deals massive damage, 10 Base Damage with the potential to deal an additional 5 damage for both Fire and Earth. At a Build Cost of 3, it is a powerful yet fairly expensive Attack.


An enormous surge of molten lava rushes towards the target of the Lavalanche Attack. This attack is often used by UnderWorlders, due to their familiarity with fire, and OverWorlders, due to their affinity with earth. Both the OverWorld leader Maxxor and his associate Tangath Toborn favor the Lavalanche, as they are skilled in both Fire and Earth elements, maximizing this attack's potential.

In the Show

Lavalanch has been portrayed as either launching out of the user's hands or surging forth from the ground in response to the user's fist slamming down.

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