Chaotic: M'arrillians Invasion - Episode 27 – Legions of Aa’une
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Season Season 2: M'arrillian Invasion
Official Episode # 27
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Chaotic: M'arrillians Invasion - Episode 26 – Last Stand, Part 2 Perithon!
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The cataclysm is here! With Maxxor and Chaor trapped at Lake Blakeer by the master brainwasher Aa’une, a devastating M’arrillian Mind Wave races across the OverWorld towards Kiru City, where the helpless Tribal Allies wait in horror. Aa'une knocks Maxxor into Lake Blakeer. When Kaz wonders what happened to Tom, a contact from Codemaster Crellan reveals that the shutdown prevents the Chaotic players from returning from Perim. Takinom and her fellow UnderWorlder alongside the surviving OverWorlders arrives to help in battling Phelphor's army. It turns out Maxxor had Iparu pose as him so that Maxxor can find an armor that can help him fight Aa'une. Kaz arrives in Kiru City as Takinom's army fights the brainwashed army. Kaz uses a Psych-Sphere (which he gained from Ulmar's lab) to free Tom, Peyton, and Sarah from the mind-control. Tom and the others head to the Kiru City Library to recover their scanners.


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Pop Quiz

Which of these creatures of can cast Adaptive Progression Mugic?

Akkerbal -ZXP9 WQZ9 VVM3

Lore Ancestral Caller-JTJ3 T883 EGQ4

Torrna NMQ4 CG23 9KM6

Answer: Adaptive Progression is a Dainian Mugic so only Lore can cast it




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