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Activated Ability

Abilities that have some associated cost to activate (such as the removal of a Mugic counter). They are typically written in the format “Pay (cost) to do (effect).”



This abillity was introduced in the M'arrillian Invasion set. Minion Creatures have the innate ability "Brainwashed". If you control a Chieftain Creature, all rules text in the text box of the card before the Brainwashed keyword is inacitve and can not be played. All rules text following the Brainwashed keyword is active. While you control a Chieftain, Creatures with Brainwashed may only spend Mugic counters to pay for Generic Mugic or to use abilities after the Brainwashed keyword.


Challenge (Discipline) X

A comparison of the indicated discipline between two Engaged Creatures. In order to win the challenge the Creature that you control must have a value in the indicated discipline that is greater than or equal to your opponent’s Creature’s statistic by at least the amount “X”. Otherwise you lose the challenge.

Challenge (Mugic Counters) X

This abillity was introduced in the Rise of the Oligarch expansion set. Some attack cards in M'arrillian Invasion: Rise of the Oligarch have a new kind of Challenge. "Challenge (Mugic Counters) counters " means that if your engaged Creature has at least X more mugic counters than the opposing engaged Creature, it wins the challenge.



Introduced in ZotH; When a Creature you control is attacked while adjacent to another Creature you control that has the defender ability, you may swap the two Creature's positions and have the Creature with Defender fight in the original Creature's place.


(Element) X

A Creature with (Element) X deals an additional X damage with Attack cards of the indicated elemental type. Multiple instances of this ability on a card are cumulative.

(Element)proof X

This abillity was introduced in the Zenith of the Hive set. When your Creature becomes engaged, and if your engaged Creature has Elementproof X and your Opponent's Creature has the matching Elemental Type, your Creature gains X Energy until end of turn.

For example, if your Creature has Fireproof 10 and engages an opponent's Creature with Elemental Type Fire, your Creature gains 10 Energy until end of turn.

Elemental Attack

Any Attack Card with an elemental type is considered an elemental attack of the associated type (or types).


This abillity was introduced in the M'arrillian Invasion set. This new Triggered Ability is like Recklessness, but affects one or more Disciplines instead of Energy. When a Creatures with "Exhaust - All Disciplines 5" plays an Attack Card, Exhaust triggers and is place in the burst. When the ability resolves, the Creature with Exhaust loses 5 in each Discipline"



This abillity was introduced in the Rise of the Oligarch expansion set. Fluidmorph is a triggered ability on M'arillian Creatures called Fluidmorphers. The ability means "When a Creature you control deals Water damage, this Creature gains [mugic symbol]." A Water attack must actually deal damage to trigger Fluidmorph, so if the Water damage is reduced to 0, Fluidmorph will not trigger. Additionally, the Creature with Fluidmorph does not have to be the Creature dealing Water damage for Fluidmorph to trigger. For example, if you control two unengaged Fluidmorphers, and a third Creature you control deals Water damage, both of your Fluidmorphers' abilities will trigger and each Fluidmorpher will gain [mugic symbol] when Fluidmorph resolves.


Gain X Energy

This ability adds X energy to a Creature’s current energy total.


Heal X

This ability removes X damage from a Creature. This effect can not cause the Creature’s current damage total to fall below 0.


Immune (ability)

Creatures immune to an ability can not be affected by that ability. That ability is considered to be negated. For example, a Creature Immune to invisibility would negate all invisibility effects in a battle (see Invisibility and Negate).


This abillity was introduced in the Zenith of the Hive set. Some Creatures in this set, and more recent sets, can Infect other Creatures. When Creature becomes Infected, put a Parasite token under it. An Infected Creature can not be Infected again. When counting Mandiblors, Creatures you infect count towards your total.

Innate Ability

Abilities that are 'always on’ - you can’t choose whether or not to use them. Elemental X, Swift X, and Recklessness X are examples of innate abilities.

Intimidate (discipline/energy) X

At the beginning of combat, all opposing Creatures’ discipline/ener is reduced by X until end the turn. This is a triggered ability that occurs at the beginning of combat.

Invisibility (effect)

A creature with Invisibility gains the indicated effect as long as Invisibility is not negated. The Invisibility ability negates the invisibility of other Creatures. In addition, certain Battlegear or other effects may negate invisibility. Invisibility may only be negated in combat at the beginning of the combat step.

Invisibility: Disarm

This abillity was introduced in the Zenith of the Hive set. Disarm is a combat ability that shuts down an opponent's Battlegear during battle. If Invisibility is not negated, Disarm prevents opposing Battlegear from doing anything, including abilities that happen "At the beginning of combat." The Battlegear is still revealed at the beginning of combat and stays on the equipped creature.


Invisibility: Surprise

At the beginning of combat, the creature with this ability gets to make the first attack regardless of what the location's initiative is. If two engaged creatures both have Invisibility: Surprise, then initiative is done normally.





Creatures may not enter mixed tribe armies. Before the release of the M'arillion Invasion set this was written out in full as "May not enter mixed armies".


May not enter mixed armies

See Loyal

Mirage Locations

This abillity was introduced in the Silent Sands set. These are places that appear and disappear in the shifting sands of the Mipedim Desert and other mysterious parts of Perim. Whenever a Mirage Location is the active Location and would be put on the bottom of it's owner's location deck (for example, at the end of a player's turn), rather than putting the Mirage Location on the bottom, place it on a space on the Battleboard which doesn't have a Mirage Location. then, return any other Mirage Location in play to the bottom of its owner's Location Deck.

When a Mirage Location is placed on the Battleboard, its Mirage ability becomes active and its normal ability is inactive. Any combat related Mirage abilities only apply to battles that take place at that location on the Battleboard.

Mugic Counters

You must only play a Mugic card if you have the right number of counters of the same tribe as the Mugic. Generic Mugic can be played by all tribes. See: Activated Ability, which sometimes involve using Mugic counters.

Mugic costs may sometimes involve:

0-Cost Mugic

This abillity was introduced in the Zenith of the Hive set. A Mugic Card with a zero as the Mugic cost still belongs to its Tribe. Even though you don't have to spend any Mugic counters to play Mugic, you must choose a Creature from the appropriate Tribe to play the Mugic Card. If you do not control any appropriate Creatures, you may not play the Mugic Card.

X-Cost Mugic

This abillity was introduced in the Zenith of the Hive set. Mugic Cards with an X as the Mugic cost allow you pay any amount of Mugic counters as the cost.

Multiple Elemental Costs

This abillity was introduced in the Silent Sands set. Some Attack Cards have abilities which require more than one Elemental Type. If the creature playing this attack does not match all the Elements on the Attack Card, the ability does not work.



Outperform (Discipline) X

This abillity was introduced in the M'arrillian Invasion set. This new Innate Ability is like "Fire 5" for succesful Discipline Attacks instead of Elemental Attacks. A Discipline Attack is succesful if you win at least one of the Stat Checks, Challenges, or Stat Fails on that Attack Card. For example if a Creature with "Outperform Power 5" plays the Attack Card Ektospasm and wins the Stat Check, Ektospasm will do an additional 5 damage. Multiple copies of Outperform on a Creature will work.





A keyword ability that indicates that a Creature may move through occupied Battleboard spaces during its move. Creatures only initiate combat when they end their movement in a space occupied by an opposing creature.

Recklessness X

Recklessness does X damage to the Creature with Recklessness when it resolves. This ability is a triggered ability that triggers when an Engaged Creature with Recklessness plays an Attack Card.



A cost or an effect which results in the removal of a card you control. That Creature is immediately placed into the discard pile along with any equipped Battlegear. A sacrifice may not be prevented by other game effects. Source: The source of a Mugic Card is the Creature who played that Mugic. The source of an ability is the card on which the ability appears. The source of an Attack Card is the Creature who played that card.

Stat Check (Discipline) X

Stat Check is an ability which appears on Attack Cards. Stat Check is writen as Stat Check (Discipline) X - for example, "Stat Check Wisdom 50". To Win the Stat Check, your engaged Creature's Discipline must be more than X. If you win the Stat Check you will usually get to do extra damage.

Stat Fail (Discipline) X

This abillity was introduced in the M'arrillian Invasion set. Stat Fail is a new ability which appears on Attack Cards. Stat Fail is writen as Stat Fail (Discipline) X - for example, "Stat Fail Wisdom 50". To Win the Stat Fail, the opposing engaged Creature's Discipline must be less than X. If you win the Stat Fail you will usually get to do extra damage.

Strike X

This abillity was introduced in the Rise of the Oligarch expansion set. Strike X works the same as Invisibility: Strike X except it is not an Invisibility ability. A Creature with Strike X will deal X additional damage on it's first attack.

Support (Discipline) X

A Creature with Support improves its disciplines by being adjacent to other Creatures of its tribe. The indicated discipline is increased by X for every adjacent Creature of the same tribe controlled by the same player. Multiple copies of support are cumulative.

Swift X

A Creature with Swift can move an additional X spaces on the Battleboard. For example, a Creature with Swift 1 may move a total of 2 spaces on the Battleboard. However, a Creature with Swift still cannot move through occupied spaces. Multiple copies of Swift on a Creature are cumulative


Triggered Abilities

A triggered ability gives a specific time or event which causes the ability to be activated. When that time or event occurs, these abilities are resolved. Triggered abilities create a Burst. If more than one ability is triggered at the same time, the Active Player adds their abilities to the Burst in any order. Then the defending player resolves abilities in a similar manner.


Untargetable: It cannot be targeted by mugic or ablities

Unique: Only one copy of the card may be present in your deck. Even if the sub-name is different no two copies are allowed in your deck.