Millions of years ago, Perim was a more primitive place filled with many Creatures like Lone Prehistoric Creature.

Lone Prehstoric Creature


He ressembles similar to Chaor only slimmer and much bigger than the average creatures. His height is 12 feet tall and sharing traits of theropod dinosaur, he has light red fur, white fur chest, long purple legs, arms and tail. Sharp claws, pointed horns, bat-like ears, point-reptillian jaws and shredding teeth.  

Lone Creature vs Heroic Creature

Lone Creature vs Heroic Creature


Violent, angry and determined of catching prey, his aggresive nature helps him and his kind to survived through this harsh jungle. His enemies is anyone that interfers with his hunting or prursuing a prey. He is enemy with Heroic Prehistoric Creature
Lone Prehistoric Creature closeup

Lone Prehistoric Creatureattacks

Lone Prehistoric Creature roars



  • This Creature is the Tyrannosaurus Rex of Permin's million years jungles.
  • It's possible that his tribe or race evolved into UnderWorlders, both are aggressive and violent. The only difference is UnderWorlders live and work togehter.
  • He could be another Tribeless Creatures, until Tom mention to his friends he saw a fossil in Glacier Plains. Meaning his kind have travel there for food and died of the cold temperature. 
  • He possessed Earth and Fire Attacks. 

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