"I may serve Chaor, but in time Chaor will serve me!" - card text

Lord Van Bloot is an UnderWorld creature. Once second-in-command of the UnderWorld army.

Character Origins of Van Bloot

Chaor's second-in-command, an UnderWorlder with plans to overthrow Chaor. He makes his home in the castle called Gothos Tower. Van Bloot eventually ends up shoveling coal for the M'arrillians after he fled from the UnderWorld. Later, he's informed about the secrets of Dranakis Threshold by Klay. With the knowledge of the threshold in hand, he planned to use Dranikus Threshold to go back in time and conquer Perim. Najarin and creatures from the other tribes eventually manage to prevent that from happening. But what happened to Lord Van Bloot once Dranikus Threshold was destroyed is unknown.


Lord Van Bloot resembles a male harpy mixed with a skeleton. He features blue-green skin that closely resembles bones, as well as one black eye and a mechanical, red eye. His huge, teal, feathery wings allow him to reach high speeds while in flight. He is seen wearing a blue fur loincloth and metal arm-guards. Most of his head remains bald to further reinforce his skeletal-like appearance, but he does possess a long, slim, brown ponytail.

Background Information

He is one of a few UnderWolders that can fly.

He is voice acted by mainly David Mansley, but is also voiced by Mark Hamil in Dual Duel.

Personality and Behaviour

Lord Van Bloot is a powerful Underworld Creature who thinks highly of himself. This high self image leaves him power hungry and greedy as he tries to take the Underworld from Chaor. Lord Van Bloot is cunning and intelligent, therefore his plans are usually nearly foolproof. The name Lord Van Bloot may be from the German words "Lord Von Blüt" (pronounced the same way) which stands for Lord of Blood, this fits his character as he appears unafraid of bloodshed. Lord Van Bloot is a enemy of Chaor, due to all the conflict which always leads to Lord Van Bloot's defeat. Trying to be on the winning team in M'arrillian Invasion of the Chaotic series, he is controlled by the mind controlling M'arillians.

Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Lord Van Bloot has only one ally and he is Skartalas; his followers are Atrapol, Krekk, Skithia, Galmedar,Ghuul, Vyll, Zamool, Klay, and Krystella.


Chaor, Takinom, Agitos anyone who supports Chaor and Chaor's armies. He is also enemies with the other tribes in Perim, the Mipedians, Danians, and OverWorlders.

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
75 (65–85)
Stat Power Power :
125 (115–135)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
55 (45–65)
Stat Speed Speed :
90 (80–100)
Energy :
60 (55–65)

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
11 Lord of Treachery Yes Yes
16 Fallen Hero No Yes
19 A Fearsome Fate No Yes
20 Maze of Menace No Yes
35 Dual, Duel (Part One) Yes No
36 Dual, Duel (Part Two) Yes No
37 Going Under Yes No
40 Fighting Friendly Yes No
52 From the Deep (Part Two) No Yes
63 UnderWorld Overthrown No Yes
76 Threshold of Destruction No Yes
79 Son of the Spiritlands No Yes



Card or Scan owners


  • "I may serve Chaor, but in time, Chaor will serve me!" - Lord Van Bloot



  • Lord Van Bloot appears to have always had plans to conquer the UnderWorld.
  • Later on Van Bloot invades the UnderWorld, but retreats after Chaor takes the capital back and surrounds him.
  • What happened to Van Bloot after Najarin destroyed the Threshold is unknown.
  • His animated form changes from season 1 to season 2 to appear more bulky, but generally retains his features from season 1.

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