Lore is a Danian Creature. He resembles a four armed bug and is also a Muge.

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Lore High Muge of the Hive


The thing with Lore is his great wisdom. When Lore was younger, Lore was one of the Danian Squad Leaders. He is like Najarin (Using "Like Najarin" lightly) because like Najarin being the best Muge in the OverWorld, Lore is the best Muge in Mount Pillar. Infact, Lore has deticated the rest of his time (Whatever time he may have left) to uncovering the secrets to the Cothica and of its location. He has the ability to take the Mugical Energy and drain the energy of his opponent. In turn, the energy drained from his opponent will restore his energy.

Basic Stats

Lore Ancestral Caller:

Stat Courage Courage :
100 (90–110)
Stat Power Power :
30 (20–40)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
60 (50–70)
Stat Speed Speed :
40 (30–50)
Energy :
60 (55–65)

Lore High Muge of the Hive:

Stat Courage Courage :
80 (70–90)
Stat Power Power :
30 (20–40)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
90 (80–100)
Stat Speed Speed :
30 (20–40)
Energy :
35 (30–40)

Character Information

Lore is one of the wisest Danians at Mount Pillar. In his youth, he commanded legions of Mandiblors and their squad leaders, and he remains the single most talented Muge in the Danian Tribe. Age has taken its toll on Lore. His body is thin and withered, and he usually wears a ragged wavering old robe. Like Kannen, Lore walks more upright than most Danians, using only his two hind legs. His mastery of Mugic rivals that of Najarin and Chaor, making him a very dangerous adversary. In battle, he has proven that he understands not only the impact of Mugic and Attacks, but also the strategies behind wielding them. Beyond his duties in the Hive, Lore has his own personal agenda. He yearns to uncover and unlock the secrets of the Cothica. He hopes one day to do just that, empowering both him and his fellow Danians. As part of his quest for the Cothica, Lore joined with the high Muges of the other Tribes- Najarin, Enre-Hep, and Kopond- aboard Captain Arrthoa's ship, the Ezoa, on Lake Ken-I-Po. The powerful quartet united to participate in a strange mugical rite. As they performed the hour-long ritual, tones of an unworldly beauty rang out over the lake. Suddenly, a levitating island erupted from the waters of the lake. The High Muges had succeeded in raising the lost City of Elements. They knew that the city held powerful secrets and treasures, possibly even the secret to the Cothica. But what Tribe would control this prize?

The Card

Lore is included as the super rare in the Danian Scanner collector's tin. He also appears in Forged Alliances and Alliances Unraveled as two brand new cards


Mug-ow : Deal 10 damage to target Creature and heal 10 Energy to Lore.

Unique, Loyal

As a spirit leader of the Danians, many believe this shaman may one day lead his tribe to the Cothica.

In the Show


Lore, as he appears in the show.


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
28 A Flux Too Far Yes No
65 Last Stand (Part One) No Yes
67 Legions of Aa'une‏‏ No Yes
78 Elementary No Yes


  • Last Stand
  • Legions of Aa'une
  • Elementary

Card Owners

  • Sarah
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"As long as you believe that the impossible is only what has yet to be accomplished, everything is possible."
―Lore, Empowering Encore flavor text
"The secret to using Mugic is to not try to solve its mysteries."
―Lore, Refrain of Denial flavor text
"The variety of Mugic is limitless because the Cothica itself knows no bounds."
―Lore, Symphony of Similarity flavor text


-There are 3 variations of Lore cards made throughout chaotic.

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