Lystone is an OverWorld Creature.

"Come brave warriors, Abandon your leaders, and follow me!"
―Lystone, Triple Threat


Lystone has butterfly wings and long blonde hair tied in twintails. She looks similar to a fairy.She has a crown and tattoos on her forehead, arms and legs. She wears an orange dress.

Background Information

During the M'arillian War, Lystone was brainwashed by the M'arillians.

The Card

Stat Courage Courage :
25 (15–35)
Stat Power Power :
30 (20–40)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
60 (50–70)
Stat Speed Speed :
25 (15–35)
Energy :
30 (25–35)
Mug-owMug-ow: Target Creature gains 30 to all Disciplines.

Brainwashed Mug-ow: Target Creature gains 10 to all Disciplines.

TV Show

Triple Threat

Shrunken, Lystone observes Tangath, Mudeenu, and Odu's fighters from the trees during their second exercise. She grows to her normal size and snatches the flying orb they were trying to catch. Catching the teams' attention, she charms them and giggles while flying into the forest. Caught under her spell, the creatures follow.

Eventually only three creatures, Aimukk, Ghatup, and Nebres, remain on her. As they near her however, Aimukk knocks Ghatup into a log. She hides and Nebres and Aimukk begin fighting over her. From above, Lystone pulls out battle gear to kill them. Ghatup, who'd broken free from Lystone's charm when he fell, blocks the blast. Seeing their comrade injured, Nebres and Aimukk too break free and attack her. Angry, Lystone spews smoke at them to make her escape.

Lystone, like all creatures and humans who ever under their hypnosis, were freed from M'arillan control after Maxxor, Chaor, and Iparu defeated Au'une.

Lystone as she appears on the television show