The M'arrillian Tribe (known in Chaotic: Now or Never as the Deep Ones) is a race of semi-aquatic creatures residing behind the Doors of the Deep Mines. They were the main antagonists of season 2.



The M'arrillians, be it by themselves or the other tribes, were locked behind the Doors of the Deep Mines in ancient Perim. While the tribes agreed to each post a key wielding guard there, none knew exactly why according to Chaor in From the Deep, Part 1. Prior to the same episode, the Fluidmorpher Phelphor was frozen or froze himself in Ice Pillar.

M'arrillian Invasion

UnderWorlders Khybon and Jiggorex found and thawed Phelphor in From the Deep, Part 1. Khybon took Phelphor to Chaor in his castle. There, he tried convincing the UnderWorld leader the M'arrillians lived behind the Doors of the Deep Mines with the Cothica.

In Part 2, while Chaor decided whether or not to believe him, Phelphor brainwashed Khybon on the way to the guest chambers. He sent him for Lord Van Bloot and his army to help him in exchange for defeating Chaor and conquering Perim. Phelphor soon met with Chaor alone, who found his stories lies. He tried brainwashing Chaor, but failed and turned the UnderWorlder's guards against him to escape. While Chaor and Takinom were distracted by Van Bloot, Phelphor traveled to the Doors of the Deep Mines. There he brainwashed the guards and unlocked the doors where several M'arrillians and waves of filthy water poured out.

Now free, the M'arrillians began invading Perim. Using any creatures he could brainwash, Milla'iin flooded the Lava Pond and the Marsh of Murk. Luring Chaor away from UnderWorld City, Phelphor and Van Bloot brainwashed its citizens, leaving Chaor and his remaining tribesmen on the run. In Raznus Returns, it is learned the M'arillians poisoned Mount Pillar's water reservoir and possibly flooded vital chambers. They destroyed the Riverlands, and at some point began constructing a Heat Cannon in Glacier Plains to melt the ice. The Chieftain Ihun'Kalin brainwashed creatures in Mipedian territory. Their domination over Perim lead to the creation of the Tribal Alliance.

In Last Stand, Part 1, Phelphor lead troops to Kiru City, the Alliance stronghold, as the M'arrillians overwhelmed the other territories and the Heat Cannon readied to fire. In Part 2, while Phelphor's forces were driven back by a War Beast and Tangath Toborn froze the wave created by the Heat Cannon (and himself), Aa'une awaited Maxxor in his quarters in the City of Mar, the M'arrillian capital. After a battle with Maxxor and Chaor who joined him, they teleported Aa'une to Lake Blackeer under the assumption it would render him powerless and force him to surrender. He however gained strength and took on his true form, caging Maxxor and Chaor while unleashing a psychic wave that brainwashed everyone around Kiru City without Mindbanders, headgear that protected wearers from brainwashing.

In Legions of Aa'une, the Oligarch tossed Maxxor into the lake and seemingly destroyed him before the real Maxxor appeared wearing the Xerium Armor he'd been searching for in secrecy. The first Maxxor arose from the lake and revealed himself as Iparu the Shapeshifter. Aa'une fought the three but was forced into the negatively energized lake with positive energy. Their leader destroyed, the M'afrillians' mind control wore off and they retreated.

Secrets of the Lost City

M'arrillians are hardly seen or heard of after Season 2, although it is implied several are fighting to replace Aa'une.


  • Chieftains: Leader class warriors that control an area.
  • Kha'rall: Crustacean-like class warriors that use crystal shards as a power source. It is currently unknown what the full connection is between them and these shards. Though some are smiths that form the shards like Battlegear experts.
  • Fluidmorphers: M'arrillian Muges who can change their shape.


M'arrillians can be quite adapatble due to their large array of minions and their ablities. But M'arrillians also have a central set of strategies of their own. Chieftains have one disipline that is quite high while the others are quite balanced. They often use stat-checks to deal extra damage. Fluidmorphers, as the mugical experts of the tribe, gain mugicians every time a creature uses a water attack. They then use those extra mugicans to activate speical abilities. Kha'rall have several element proof abilities and intimidate, but they do tend to be slow. They when equipped with Kha'rall shard battlegear, they gain elemental boosts, large energy boosts and defender. M'arrilians focus on control and destroying opponents with lower disiplines, usually when a disipline reaches 0. They also compensate for their lack of casting mugic by sacrificing mugics to activate abilities.

The M'arrillians have the ability of mind control. On a Chaotic battle team, their mind control abilities allow most creatures to use hidden abilities, for example, Trimdall gains Fire 5, when there is a M' arillian on the same Chaotic battle team as him.

Known M'arrillians

Victims of M'arrillians

Known creatures brainwashed by the M'arrillians during the Invasion:


  • A group called "AZAIA" is occasionally mentioned in M'arillian cards (AZAIA Mindprobe/Mindscrying Chamber, Fal'makin, AZAIA Inquisitor and Thar'lyn, AZAIA Spy). What exactly they do or wish to achieve is unknown.

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