Maglax is an OverWorld Creature. It resembles a walking battery and was another one of Mommark's creations.


 Maglax is a Mugical being – half metal and half OverWorlder. His skin is green, and his metallic parts are the dull gray of the brushed steel out from which they were made. His large jaw is reinforced steel, and his beady eyes cast an eerie gaze.

Background Information

Maglax is one of Mommark’s most uncanny creations: a fusion of Mugical life force and heavy metal magnetism. Unlike some other Mommark creations, Maglax reveres his creator and gratefully guards Mommark and his castle. Though OverWorlders consider Maglax a strong and courageous guard, they realize he can easily be outsmarted due to his limited Wisdom.

Special Abilities

Maglax’s main strength is his magnetic ability, which allows him to attract or repel substances containing metal. This makes him a formidable opponent, especially when circumstances boost his magnetic ability and Earth Element mastery.


Maglax is a metallic, Mugical creation who lives in Castle Mommark and serves as an OverWorld Guardian.

Basic Stats

Card ID 160
Tribe Overworld
Rarity Uncommon
Mugic Ability 0
Courage 70
Strength 60
Wisdom 25
Speed 30
Energy 40
Elements Earth
Creature Height 5 feet 10 inches
Creature Weight 245 pounds
Favorite Battlegear Vlaric Shard
Favorite Location Gloomuck Swamp

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?

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39 Eye of the Maelstrom Yes No 45 Rockwave and Roll Yes No 48 Mega Match Yes No 68 Perithon! No Yes


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