Magmon is an UnderWorld Creature.


Magmon resembles a mass of volcanic rock brought to life.


Magmon is an awesome lava-like creature who specializes in Fire Attacks. Magmon lives in the Lava Pond. In fact, Magmon can never leave the Lava Pond for more than a few minutes to half an hour. The reason behind this is that because his body is made of molting magma (thus the name Magmon), he can't leave for long with out the cool air turning his flaming body to stone. Therefore, he rarely leaves unless forced out of his pond. Magmon isn't the only creature made from molten magma either. I'll go off topic for just a moment to mention a similar creature who might be related to Magmon. His name is Ooloo. Now Ooloo is reddish-orange and not purple. Unlike Magmon, Ooloo has a huge gap where his mouth should be. In fact, this huge gap is his mouth. There is another creature residing within the lava pond. His name is Zapetur and is seemingly made of lava and is gigantic. Now it isn't know as to how or if the three are connected but what is known is that they are eerily similar in both build, look, and element. Although it has not yet been clearified, the original Magmon might have been known as [[Angry]]. In the "Now Or Never" TCG there was a UnderWorlder who was known as Angry because of his explosive temper. In the "Now Or Never" TCG Angry is a purple blob-like creature with flames around the edges of his body. Magmon is also know to have an explosive temper.

Character History


  • If you have to run Magmon in your deck, then the best thing to do would be to focus on fire creatures, and boost up their fire attacks as much as you can. For Magmon, try giving him a Viledriver or Whepcrack, and throw in a Lavapond or two into your locations. Also, throw in fire attacks that are already powerful, like Torrent of Flame or Fireram. if you mix Lavapond, Magmon, Fireram, and a Viledriver, your attack would do and extra 20 damage, for a minimum of 40 damage, plus the stat check, which can boost it to 50! That's without even adding things like Song of Asperity or having a Magmon engulfed on your team, so you could defeat a creature in one attack! This was submitted by Hellbringer96, and I hope this helps, because it does for my deck. Another healthy addition can be Slufurah Treacherous translator.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
8 Everything is in Flux Yes No
18 Allmageddon (episode) Yes No
19 A Fearsome Fate Yes No
31 Fire Fighters Yes No


Kaz shows his Magmon card to Tom.
Kaz battles as Magmon against Heptadd.
Tom battles as Magmon against Hifdan.

Card Owners

He used Magmon against Tom in the episode "A Fearsome Fate."

Character History


Magmon's home is the Lava Pond, where he gains another "Fire 5".

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Shadow Warriors

In the Lava pond level, you must find Magmon to warn him about the shadows and that you need the mugic fragment, Magmon says that if you find a Whepcrack, the mugic fragment is yours.

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