"He's the bravest of the brave."
Tom (voice-over), Welcome to Chaotic (Part One)

Maxxor is an OverWorld Creature, and the Tribe's current leader.

Character Origins

In the original Chaotic, Chaotic: Now Or Never!, the leader of the OverWorld was named Madcap, whom Maxxor was most likely based off. Vlar, the OverWorlder who stole Kiru's throne from him, was Maxxor's ancestor.

Maxxor is one of the toughest, bravest, and wisest creatures of the OverWorld, making him fit for his title of leader. Maxxor specializes in Earth and Fire type attacks, which he uses to defend his home: Kiru City. On top of his already impressive skillset, Maxxor is also a great Mugician, making him a powerful ally in combat. Maxxor was originally known as MadCap in the Chaotic: Now or Never series. Maxxor's greatest enemy is Chaor. The leader of the UnderWorld.

Background Information

Maxxor is a great leader. He is brave, smart, strong, and among the greatest leaders in Perim. He leads OverWorld armies into battle, and is a natural leader for his clan in the quest for the Cothica. He is frequently angered by Chaor for destabilizing peace in Perim, and challenges him head on righteous indignation.

He lives in the OverWorld capital, Kiru City, but frequently travels around Perim in-search of the Cothica and on other missions to keep the OverWorld safe from UnderWorlders and other tribal adversaries. Maxxor is a wise and powerful leader, loved by his fellow OverWorlders - much to the dismay of Chaor, who would like nothing more than to see Maxxor driven from his position.

When the M'arrillians appeared Maxxor travelled to the Riverlands to investigate, finding the area polluted and seething with enemies. Maxxor first forged an alliance with the Danians, later expanding the pact to every tribe in Perim other than the M'arrillians. With intense training and his aquisition of the Xerium Armor he became Maxxor Protector of Perim.

During the episodes Last Stand, parts 1 and 2, Maxxor, along with Chaor tracks down Aa'une the Oligarch, leader of the Marillians. They are tricked into bringing him to Lake Bla'keer, where Aa'une is powered up. It is here where Maxxor truly appears, rescuing Chaor, as Iparu was imitating Maxxor.

Personality and Behavior

When Tom Majors first encountered his hero in person, Maxxor was a lot more ruthless than Tom had expected. This perspective was altered when he later allowed himself to be captured in order to save Tom and Kaz Kalinkas from Prince Mudeenu's wrath. He is considered a model leader being wise, powerful, and just.


Maxxor is a tall and strong green-skinned humanoid creature, with strange purple markings across his body. He has black hair with unexplainable white highlights and wears red sort of tabbard/tunic, secured by a gem affixed belt. In OverWorld lore, it is said that his face has never been seen in battle by any other OverWorlder as he's always leading the charge. During the M'arrillian invasion, Maxxor dons the Xerium Armor and trains rigorously in order to defeat Aa'une, leader of the M'arrillians. Due to this, Maxxor returns in a new card: Maxxor Protector of Perim.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Maxxor is the leader of the OverWorlders, and will always protect and lead his tribe to ensure they find the Cothica before the other tribes. He also has a close friendship with his aide and confidantes, Tangath Toborn, Intress, and Tartarek. He was close friends with Raznus until Raznus was infected by a Danian parasite. Maxxor also has a friendly relationship with Najarin, relying on him as the head Overworld Muge. Maxxor has a near-identical, savage relative named Cromaxx. Maxxor also seems to be relatives with or have a similar appearance to Prantix and Accato, who both notably share his fire element.


Maxxor's tribe is sworn enemies with the UnderWorlders, lead by Chaor. He often leads campaigns against the Mipedians as they are geographically nearest. In addition, it seems that his tribe will remain enemies with the Danians, as they infected Raznus, the Overworld ambassador.



Tom owned the Maxxor card before he entered Chaotic. He later lost the digital version, after losing a wager battle in the BetaDrome. (TV: Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part One)) Tom later met Maxxor in Perim, and said that he will someday scan him. (TV: Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part Two))

When he eventually does, Maxxor is infected with a mugic cast by Lord Van Bloot. When Tom used Maxxor in a match he felt the same effects Van Bloot's mugic had on Maxxor. (TV: Fallen Hero) Tom managed to help Maxxor regain his courage and he obtained another scan of Maxxor with full stats. (TV: Maze of Menace)

  • Tom's orginal Maxxor card had 70 energy, 80 courage and 3 mugic counters.


Bruiser33 won Tom's original Maxxor card, after winning a wager battle. (TV: Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part One))


After Tom and Kaz helped ReggieOne, Reggie offered them a reward of some Ultra Rare cards. One of the cards he offered to Tom was a Maxxor. Tom refused to take it; he said that he wanted to scan Maxxor himself. (TV:Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part One))

TV Show

As Maxxor is Tom's preferrential card and creature to battle as, Maxxor appears in a majority of the episodes.
# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
1 Welcome to Chaotic (Part One) Yes No
2 Welcome to Chaotic (Part Two) Yes No
3 Unexpected Yes No
6 The Thing About Bodal Yes No
8 Everything is in Flux Yes No
9 Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part One) Yes No
10 Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part Two) No Yes
16 Fallen Hero No Yes
19 A Fearsome Fate Yes Yes
20 Maze of Menace No Yes
24 The CodeMaster Chronicles Part 1 Yes No
28 A Flux Too Far Yes No
34 Trading Cards Yes No
35 Dual, Duel (Part One) Yes No
36 Dual, Duel (Part Two) Yes No
40 Fighting Friendly Yes No
41 A Rare Hazard No Yes
42 Dangers of Diplomacy No Yes
47 Chaor’s Commandos (Part Two) No Yes
48 Mega Match Yes No
54 Tale of Two Toms Yes No
55 Blight Fight Yes No
58 Mister E Yes No
61 Raznus Returns No Yes
65 Last Stand (Part One) No Yes
66 Last Stand (Part Two) No Yes
67 Legions of Aa'une No Yes
68 Perithon! No Yes
71 Hotekk's Challenge Yes No
79 Son of the Spiritlands No Yes


"Tom, you and Kaz have more than proven yourselves, and this is how I'll repay you... "
― Maxxor , Castle Bodhran or Bust (Part Two)
"I don't just fight for the OverWorld! I fight for all of Perim! "
―Maxxor, Maxxor: Protector of Perim flavor text
"If we fail to rescue our friends soon, we will never turn back the tide."
―Maxxor, Minion's Freesong flavor text
"We all fail, my friend. But how we respond to failure- now that is the sign of a champion."
―Maxxor, Empowering Serenade flavor text



  • Maxxor was one of the only two tribal leaders to have been in the first starter deck Dawn of Perim, the other being Chaor.
  • Vlar is Maxxor's ancestor.


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