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Mega Match
Episode Information
Season 2
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Chaor's Commandos, Part Two Time's Up
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Peyton is beaten by Kaz and wishes to make the ultimate Drome match, about thirty-six against thirty-six. Unfortunately, Sarah drags him to Mount Pillar to locate a Danian Battle Gear called the Mandiblor Crown, reminding him that he promised to go with her on a scan quest, anywhere or when. She explains that Wamma was about to give her the battlegear but nearly get caught, so she chucked it down the garbage chute. She intends to find, but so do the Danians.

Peyton and Tom go on a 105-105 match. But the constant battles tires them, and they fall asleep at the end of the episode, with the match unfinished.


Battledrome Battle:Tom Vs Peyton

Round 1: Tom's attack: Bidua (Tom) attacks Biondu (Peyton) in The Eye of the Maelstrom

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Episode Notes

It should be noted that a creature comes out of one of the holes in the garbage scene where the Danian Guards are sealing the large creature.

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Note the circled creature. (Does anyone know what this creature is?)


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