"Beware when traveling The Hunter's Perimeter. You may become the hunted"
―Melkes Card Text

Melke is a Mipedian stalker who works in the Hunter's Perimeter

Character Origins


A Typical Mipedian with a frill around his neck.

Background Information

Personality and Behaviour


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

  1. Possible subordinate of Owayki or a guard that protects the borders of the Perimeter


  1. M'arrillians
  2. Other Tribes

Card Details

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
Stat Power Power :
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
Stat Speed Speed :
Energy :


Invisivility: strike 10
if a mirage Location is in play,
melke gains an aditional "Invisibility 10"
Beware when travelling the hunter's Perimeter
You may become the hunted.


Have Hunter's Perimeter x2 to quickly use Melke's additional strike ability and give him the initiative (Invisibility: Surprise). Have the rest of your deck loaded with powerful Mirage locations to increase your chances of getting Melke's Strike ability faster. Placing him in the 2nd row also helps as it prevents your opponent from attacking him right away, so there is no risk of him being destroyed before a Mirage is in play. Giving him a Windstrider means you wil easily be able to take advantage of a mirage when it appears, he also works extremely well with Owayki, who will boost his strike to such a level that in a Mirage and with a decent attack, you can kill 50% of creatures of your very first attack.

Release and Promotion

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
53 From the Deep (Part Two) Yes No


He is shown on the opening for the "M;arrillian invasion" and "lost city" seasons

Cards and Scans


"Beware when traveling The Hunter's Perimeter. You may become the hunted"
―Melkes Card Text

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