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Mezzmarr is an OverWorld Scout.

Character Origins

Mezzmar is another creature from the Dawn Of Perim Booster Sets who controls the Water Element. Mezzmar lives in Lake Ken-I-Po and where he guards the Waters of the Lake is where the creatures such as Nauthilax often appear. Mezzmar's original name is Hip-O. The reason why he is called this is because of his amzingly strong Body Armor which allows him to swim in Dark, Deep, watery locations in the OverWorld. Lake Morn is the original home of Hip-O. Hip-O has never found a Current he couldn't take on.He is Antidaeon brother's.


Mezzmarr is an aquatic creature resembling a part-ell merman.

Background Information

He uses a variety of water attacks, sometimes including acid, to defend his lake. He mostly lives in Lake Ken-i-Po the home of Najarin.

Personality and Behaviour

Mezzmarr seems to be quiet and stealthy, cautiously watching Tom and Sarah from the water when they visit Lake Ken-I-Po in Welcome to Chaotic (Part Two). He seems to be compassionate though as he quickly defends them when Nauthilax attacks them. He is very gracious to Tom for his bravery as well, thanking him once Najarin had expelled Nauthilax.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies

Mezzmarr is loyal to his Overworld tribe. He is very close to Antidaeon, his brother, and another guardian of the Overworld waterways. He also seems to be very friendly with Najarin, another inhabitant of Lake Ken-I-Po. He is also good friends with Tom.


Naturally Mezzmarr is enemies with the other tribes, yet he is notably enemies with Nauthilax, who is always attempting to infiltrate Overworld waters.


Release and Promotion

This card was released as a "Beyond Rare" virtual card, as part of a promotion. It was said that these cards would never be re-released again.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
2 Welcome to Chaotic (Part Two) No Yes
8 Everything is in Flux Yes No



Cards and Scans


Sarah scans Mezzmarr, although originally wanting a copy of Nauthilax. (TV: Welcome to Chaotic (Part Two))


Tom use Mezzmarr against Magmon. (TV: Everything is in Flux)

Peytonic Master‏‎





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