Miklon is an UnderWorld Creature. It resembles a green cyborg whale.



One of the Prison Guards in the Underworld Jails along with Dardemus and Rarran. He is now bipedial after he lost his legs in an Accident, using his arms to move around while sliding on a large purple, mechanical sphere called a Gyropod. He has a large, steel, bladed plate on his head apparantly consealing his eyes and thousands of needle-like teeth. Scattered across his body are small purple wart-like balls and blue smoke emmiting from his mouth and nose.

Character History

At some stage, Miklon was involved in some form of accident where he could choose to either save his legs or his Mugician. Following this, Khybon, an Underworld Battlegear creator crafted the Gyropod, that gave him the ability to remain Mobile by replacing his missing legs.

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Klay uses a Miklon Scan against Tom's Maxxor

Character History


"My legs or my Mugician? There is no choice. Cut them off!"
―Miklon, Song of Fury flavor text


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