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Mipedian Cactus
is a Battlegear Card.
―{{{2}}}, "It is said to give the Mipedians their invisibilty when consumed"


When Mipedians find these bizarre plants in the desert, they gobble them up. Other Creatures find Mipedian Cacti revolting, but still eat them because they increase Wisdom. When this rare delicacy is consumed, Mipedians gain the ability to instantly move to any Location in exchange for sacrificing a Mugic counter.

Background Information

Mipedian Cacti grow wild in certain areas of the Mipedian Desert. The cacti are extremely difficult to find, especially during periods of severe drought. Many Mipedians have attempted to grow the prickly plants on farms, but all their attempts have failed. The scorpion-like Slurhk is one of the few non-Mipedians who actually enjoys the taste of the cactus. He often tracks Mipedians across the desert secretly, hoping they will lead him to an area where the cacti grow.


The Mipedian Cactus tastes terrible to non-Mipedians, but it’s the ultimate brain food.

Basic Stats

Card ID 58
Card Type Battlegear
Rarity Ultra Rare