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Character Origins


Mommark is a green mad scientist-like creature with a purple suit and red hair that grows in tufts on the sides of his head.

Background Information

He is an OverWorld geneticist who creates mutant creatures with unique and dangerous abilities, using DNA from specimens brought in by his assistants. Using the DNA, he is able to create OverWorld Creatures for Maxxor; However, Mommark has a tendency to make mistakes, which is one of the reasons some of his creations serve Chaor. One example of the mutants is the cycloptic Ettala, another one being a starfish-esque creature called Stelgar, who is extremely dangerous in nature. Other creations of his experimentation includes the OverWorlders Maglax, Staluk, and Gespedan; and the UnderWorlders Ghuul, Rarran and Zaur.

Sometime after the M'arrillian invasion, Mommark did some experiments with Gespidan in the stormgrounds where he used a machine and lightning to copy Gespidan's speed.

Personality and Behaviour

He is a very odd Creature that loves to experiment, but is very secretive about his work, like when Kaz and Payton released Stelgar. He is very loyal to Maxxor and his OverWorld home.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies



He has a great ability for healing decks, but is not very versatile. He is not powerful and can't fight. He is the OverWorld version of Ulmar.

Release and Promotion

This card was released as a "Beyond Rare" virtual card, as part of a promotion. It was said that these cards would never be re-released again.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
23 Stelgar Strikes No Yes
71 Hotekk's Challenge Yes Yes



Cards and Scans

Scanned when his speed was boasted
Scanned prior to the episode Mega Match


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