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The colossal home of the Danians, Mount Pillar is always a perilous Hive of activity for enemies.

Background Information

The gates of Mount Pillar are heavily guarded. Outsiders are unwelcome. The Location is divided by Tribal caste, with the lowly Mandiblors living at the bottom and Nobles closer to the top. The Danian queen dwells in the center of Mount Pillar, where she can rule securely. The Danians tend to be paranoid about enemy intruders-especially towards the middle of Mount Pillar where the queen's chambers are located.

The M'arrillians polluted the Mount Pillar water reservoir. The water supply has be cleansed by the Danians, led by Odu-Bathax. Mount Pillar was under siege by the M'arrillians during the end of the M'arrillian War, but Queen Illexia's royal guards were able to hold them off long enough for Aa'une to be destroyed. It has several gates which are guarded by some Danian battlemasters. It is now under the rulership of Queen Aszil and has been totally devoted to the study of the elements.


Appearance and Scenery

An extremly large anthill.

Notable Inhabitants

  1. Queen Illexia
  2. Odu-Bathax
  3. Wamma
  4. Queen Aszil
  5. Lore


Initiative: Wisdom
When Mount Pillar becomes the active location: activate hive.
"The homeland of the Danians provides structure to the underworld. Explaining why chaor resists of its demolition"


  1. Useful for pretty much any Danian hive deck.

Release and Promotion

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Cards and Scans

  1. Sarah
  2. Peyton
  3. Kaz
  4. Tom


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