All Danian's know that the Reservoir is the well-spring of life. It must be defended to the death.

Background Information

The reservoir is the most important part in Mount Pillar, it was described as the 'well-spring of life', and when the M'arrillian's contaminated the reservoir the Danians were going to evacuate Mount Pillar and make a new hive. The resovoir was eventully reclamed by the danians sometime after Aa'une's defeat.



The reservoir is located at the bottom of Mount Pillar.

Appearance and Scenery

The large water supply under Mount Piller. It looks like a large under ground lake. Was contaminated during the M'arrillian Invasion.

Notable Inhabitants

It would be assumed that any Danian that has the Water element would go here to train. Also after it was contaminated Neth'uar, apparently, uses it as a 'Foothold', as the card name, obviously, suggests. The card is now once more inhabited only be Danians.

Card Information



It would be a good idea to use Danian's with the Water element vs. a creature with the Fire element, obviously.

The Resevoir is an excellent way to power up Danians with the Water element like Tassanil or Dasalin.

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