Kaz's mother appeared in episode 60, "Earth to Kaz".

Mrs Kalanakis

Kaz's Mom from "Earth to Kaz"


Hair color: Red

Eye color: Green

Gender: Female

Hight: Approx. 5' 7

Background Information

Nothing is known yet about Mrs. Kalinkas other then that she worries about her son's obsession with Chaotic.

Personality and Behavior

Mrs. Kalinkas is worried that Kaz spends too much time on Chaotic and wants the best for him, on another note, however, she has proven to have the wisdom to know when she is being over imposing and should let Kaz have his space and do what he feels is best.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies:

- Kazdan Kalinkas

- Tom Majors



TV Show

- Earth to Kaz: Mrs. Kalinkas takes away Kaz's scanner when she fears that he is spending too much time thinking about it. She sends him to a school psychiatrist for help but later gives back Kaz's scanner when she figures that since he's losing sleep and his grades are falling and Chaotic does him no harm, she might as well let him keep it.


- None



- There is apparently a Mr. Kalinkas as the school psychiatrist refers to Kaz's mom as 'Mrs.' Kalinkas (21:08).

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