Mugician's Lyre is a Battlegear Card.


The melodious notes of the Mugician's Lyre are sure to attract a Mugician to your Creature. The Mugicians once lived in peace and harmony in Perim, until a conflict over the Cothica divided them into warring factions. They eventually destroyed one another. However, the spirits of the Mugicians still roam Perim and seek to inhabit Creatures of the Tribes with whom they allied long ago. Each of the Tribes has special artisans who carefully craft the lyres out of rare wood and precious metals. Najarin has a large collection of these Mugicial instruments and is considered to be an expert player.

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Peyton uses Mugician's Lyre's ability to remove Blazvatan's recklessness.
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Najarin is the one playing the lyre in the artwork, Overworld, Underworld, Danian and Mipedian mugics are also in the artwork.

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