"This is the second time I've saved your life. Do not expect a third."

Najarin is a powerful OverWorld Creature. He resembles an elderly blue-skinned wizard. A Strategist Muge.


Najarin's long fingers are adorned with multiple rings. He has a long blue cape/cloak and a pointed hat (that of wizard's). His skin is a lighter shade of blue, light blue eyes inset above a long, aged, white beard (similar to that of Merlin). His younger self lacked the long white beard, but instead had a long black moustache. He has a thin body frame and has pointed ears.


Najarin is a creature who lives in Lake Ken-I-Po. He is one of the wisest creatures in the Overworld tribe. Najarin is a kind creature, though doesn't allow Chaotic players to scan him due to the wealth of knowledge and secrets contained within him (players can access Creature memories when in battle). Few people enter his castle uninvited and even fewer uninvited people have ever come out.

During the first M'arrilian invasion, Najarain suspected Tartarek of having been brainwashed by the M'arrillians and recruited Tom and his friends assistance in finding proof (via having Kaz battle Tartereker and investigating the creature's room). He was among the creatures who were brainwashed by Aa'une's attack, fighting against Takinom's forces at Kiru City.

During the Second M'arrillian invasion Najarin discovered a method that takes advantage of the fluidmorphers ability to obtain Mugic counters quickly. By feeding off their obtained Mugicians he is able to increase his own count. This was essential to their success.

Sometime after the invasion was repelled, he was visited by Tom who had discovered Dranakis Threshold's time travel abilities and had questions about Maxxor's ancestors. Najarin (knowing that Tom would meet his past self soon) told Tom he couldn't give him answers and left to assist in a search at Lake Ken-I-Po for Ornathor. In the past Tom met Najarin's younger self and his apprentice Afjak exchanging the location and nature of Dranakis Threshold for the location of Vlar (Maxxor's ancestor).

Later after the powers of Drankis Threshold had become common knowledge to Chaotic players, The younger Najrin threatened Tom, Kaz, Peyton and Sarah, apparently due to of all the Chaotic players milling about. However when Tom visited the present Najarin he informed Tom that his anger that day was due to Afjak learning about Dranakis Threshold and heading there to have an adventure. He then travelled to Dranakis in order to prevent Lord Van Bloot from using it's powers to change the past, eventually being forced to destroy the location all together. It is later revealed to Tom that Afjak was Najarin's son.


The orginal Najarin card is a valuable member of your team for OverWorld Mugic casting. His ability is only really useful if you have your army set up with some major Mugic power so u can replay your cards easily. He might work best in an elementalist deck with Ikkatosh. and some over-powered OverWorlders equipped with Brain Amplifiers. The best alternative to Najarin is actually Najarin (younger) because he can still have a mugic counter after using his ability. He is more useful when you are testing out mugic because if you determine you have a useless mugic in your hand you can get rid of it to revive a better one and if you want Najarin (younger) can still cast it.

Najarin; Fluidmorpher's Foe is an essential Mugic support in any anti-M'arrillian deck. His ability allows him to dispel M'arillian Mugic to counter the counters gained by your opponent's Fluidmorphers and he can still use his leftover counters to cast your low-cost OverWorld Mugic like Song of Resurgence, or Rhyme of the Reckless.

Najarin; High Muge of the Lake is an improvement on the original in many ways. First, all those expensive but powerful OverWorld Mugics? They are no longer expensive, but still just as powerful. On top of that, he has an element (finally!); Water. So not only is Najarin now a master of Mugic, but he can also handle himself in a battle, making him a powerful replacement for his former self, and a perfect caster for those Mugics like Refrain of Denial and Symphony of Shielding. Another, incredibly strong combination with this card is Fluid Fugue. This Mugic will not only heal 25 damage to one of you creatures, but it also will cost only 1 Mugician to play with Najarin HMOTL and because he has water, he will gain that Mugician back. If you have Najarin HMOTL, two Symphonies of Shielding, two Fluid Fugues, and two Songs of Resurgence, and two Vidav's, your opponent will be pulling out their hair trying to code your creatures. Can you say; invincible?

Personality and Behavior

A knowledgeable Muge, and a wise and powerful OverWorld Strategist. He is one of Maxxor’s most trusted advisors and closest friends.

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
2 Welcome to Chaotic (Part Two) No Yes
19 A Fearsome Fate No Yes
20 Maze of Menace No Yes
39 Eye of the Maelstrom No Yes
40 Fighting Friendly Yes No
57 Putting the Muge in Mugic No Yes
65 Last Stand (Part One) No Yes
66 Last Stand (Part Two) No Yes
67 Legions of Aa'une‏‏ No Yes
68 Perithon! No Yes
73 Yesterdays Heroes No Yes
76 Threshold of Destruction No Yes
78 Elementary No Yes
79 Son of the Spiritlands No Yes


Welcome to Chaotic (Part Two)

Fallen Hero

A Fearsome Fate

Maze of Menace


"Yes, Chaor's ancestor was one of the greatest OverWorlders of all time. I'm proud he was my friend, despite what he ultimately became."
―Najarin, Kiru village flavor text
"I know enough about Mugic to know that I know very little indeed."
―Najarin, Harmonious Highsong flavor text
"Anyone can imitate a melody, but to hear it in one’s head for the very first time. . . that is a gift."
―Najarin, Minor Flourish flavor text
"Our understanding of Mugic is the direct inverse of our gratitude for its existence."
―Najarin, Song of Resurgence flavor text
"The Cothica existed before the beginning. It will survive long past our end."
―Najarin, Fortissimo flavor text




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Overworld Tribe


  • Najarin is quite possibly one of the oldest living creatures in Perim due to him having a card with the "Past" creature type
  • He is also one of the few creatures to have 4 differnt versions of one creature.
  • He is the only creature to have appeared twice in the same expansion (alliances unraveled) as Najarin: High Muge of the Lake and Najarin: Younger
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