The Nemesis is a submarine that contains awesome fire power that can withstand the cold waters of Perim. However, it originally belonged to Nauthalax. Ulmar and some other gearhead geniuses came up with the idea of a submarine with water-proof missiles. So they created the Nemesis. Nauthalax was able to pull off sucessful missions in the Overworld. But then Maxxor found out about. When he found out that Nauthalax was going to attack Rellim in the Riverlands, he hired Antidaeon as a part of his plan. They both went to the Riverlands and put Maxxor's plan into action. When Nauthalax showed up, Antidaeon attacked him with a Sludge Gush. But Nauthalax retaliated with a Rip Tide. While they raged a two-men war, Maxxor snuck into the Nemesis. After figuring out what did what, he fired a missle at Nauthalax. The hit blew Nauthalax into the Corin Rapids of the Riverlands. As a way to say thanks, Maxxor gave the Nemesis to Antidaeon. Antidaeon still hasn't found a way to thank the Overworld leader.