Noisemaker's real name is Eddie X. Eddie is the leader of Peyton's favorite band.

Character Biography

Eddie and his band often played Chaotic on their tour bus. He played Peyton in Rockwave and Roll After beating Peyton's Ario, Eddie offered Peyton backstage passes to his next concert, but there was one catch, Peyton had to beat Eddie's Skreamer. After losing Blugon and Maglax, Peyton got some sense knocked into him. Peyton attacked Skreamer with Dassalin. He used the Song of Transposition, countering Skreamer's special ability. Peyton took out Banshor, Skithia, Bladez and Dyrtax . But he lost Orth and Dassalin. Only Eddie's Skreamer and Peyton's H'earring were left on the board. The final location was Crypt of Eternal Echoes. Thanks to Peyton's battlegear (Stone Mail) Peyton was able to keep H'earring's energy up and to lower Skreamer's. When Skreamer tried to code H'earring, H'earring used a Mega-Roar to code Skreamer.




Eddie is the lead singer of a rock band called Eddie and the Conflagration.  Eddie is the only known band member.  The band wears white and black make-up, similar to the real rock band, KISS.


  • Acoustic Atrocity
  • Ear Plague
  • Radiclism
  • Realm of Utter Annihilation
  • Tournament of Spiders

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