Ornathor is an Underworld taskmaster.


Ornathor is an amphibious crocodile-like Creature with golden, bronze hide. His body is massive and muscular with long jagged spikes that run down his back to the tip of his tail. His gills glow with an eerie, greenish-yellow energy. Ornathor clearly favors the dampness of Everrain, though he occasionally ventures out into other places in the UnderWorld. Appears in the episode "Yesterdays Heroes".

Background Information

Deep in Everrain, there is a hidden cave with entrances in both the fungi undergrowth and beneath the water’s surface. Ornathor has a Mugical bond with the cave and calls it home. Whenever Ornathor wishes to return to his hidden cave, he is instantly able to do so. It seems that the bond between him and the cave is linked to the energy of the Hive - whenever Ornathor transports back to the cave from somewhere else, the Hive seems to become slightly less stable.

Special Abilities

There is a strong Mugical bond between Ornathor, his home and the Danian Hive. Whenever Ornathor uses his Mugical ability to instantly return home, the entire Hive destabilizes and becomes inactive.


Ornathor is an UnderWorld Taskmaster from Everrain who can destabilize the Danian Hive.

Basic Stats


Card ID 248
Tribe Underworld
Mugic Ability 1
Courage 75
Strength 55
Wisdom 45
Speed 55
Energy 45
Creature Height 8’ 6”
Creature Weight 1,290 lbs
Favorite Battlegear Nexus Fuse
Favorite Location Everrain


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