The OverWorld Tribe is a creature tribe, consisting of various species. Although many are anthromorphically mammalian and bird-like in appearance, there are also creatures that resemble other animals, such as Slurhk who looks like a scorpion, and even mythical creatures like Staluk who look like a centaur and there are humanoids too, such as Maxxor and Najarin.

Most of the creatures gain an increase in Disciplines when they have members of the tribe nearby, or have an increase in power in elemental attacks. They mainly use the Earth and Water elements, but they have significant fire and even air elementalists like Maxxor and Dractyl. Chaotic shows all sides to the tribe war, so the OverWorlders may sometimes be antagonists, or "Anti-villians", when UnderWorlders, Mipedians or Danians are shown in a good light. Although most OverWorlders have shown more righteous traits and morals than, for example, the UnderWorlders.

The tribe is lead by the warrior, Maxxor, and his aide and close companion, Intress, a feline water elementalist. There is also the Muge, Najarin, whose Mugical ability is respected even by members of the other tribes. And there are those who protect their tribes as guardians -Heptadd -Lomma -Akkrean -Maglax and others.


The OverWorld is a well liked tribe. They are well known for their great teamwork, and are also known for their rivalry with the UnderWorld Tribe. They have some great warriors and heroes, such as Maxxor and Tangath Toborn, who is sadly gone. The OverWorlders are easily recognized as the heroes, and the UnderWorlders as villians. So it makes sense that if you have more of a sinister personality that you pick the UnderWorld Tribe. The OverWorld is more of an earth-like place, with earth-like features, such as mountains and hills. According to Sarah(chaotiqueen) it is the OverWorld's fault the Cothica was behind the doors.


Being split up. That way they cannot work as a team.

Notable OverWorlders

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  • Maxxor - Leader and strongest warrior of Perim
  • Aggroar - A flying, blue lizard-like strategist in Glacier Plains.
  • Aivenna- OverWorld warrior and Drabe's former pupil, her twin sister Nivenna is a UnderWorlder.
  • Arias - A ram-like warrior and strategist with a shady past.
  • Antidaeon - A blue humanoid duck and OverWorld scout, he owns a sumarine called the " Nemesis" and his brother Mezzmarr. His rival is Nauthilax.
  • Blügon - Icy OverWorld warrior
  • Bodal - Bodal makes sure the Kiru City Arsenal is in check.
  • Dractyl - A flying bird-like creature who often serves as messenger for Maxxor.
  • Garv - Walrus-like OverWorlder.
  • Heptadd - A mysterious being known for mastering all the elements. He can cast mugic from any tribe, even M'arrillian. Some say he knows where the Cothica is.
  • Hune Marquard - OverWorld Muge
  • Intress - Maxxor's most trusted warrior, and second-in-command. She later found Aivenna takes to Kiru City as Drabe's pupil.
  • Kinnianne - OverWorld ambassador to the Mipedians
  • Kiru - Former leader of the OverWorld Tribe and founder of Kiru City, he and a band of allies went to defeat Kaal to become the new UnderWorld ruler. He is Chaor's ancestor, who later takes over as ruler.
  • Lomma - Deer-like female OverWorld Guardian.
  • Mezzmarr - Aquatic eel-merman OverWorld scout living in Lake Ken-I-Po. Has brother named "Antidaeon."
  • Mommark - The OverWorld's geneticist that has created mutant creatures (both OverWorlders and UnderWorlders) from DNA samples collected by his assistants.
  • Najarin - Powerful muge, known throughout Perim and friend a of Kiru, now a friend of Maxxor and many Mugicians.
  • Raznus - The OverWorld ambassador to the Danians, but he was turned into a Danian himself.
  • Tangath Toborn - A lion-like warrior and strategist with a shady past. Recently in the show, he was cut off the show with the tide at the M'arillian melting camp, saving everyone with Song of Stasis. After that, he went back to his homeland, the Spiritlands.
  • Tartarek- Turtle-like Hero and trusted advisor to Maxxor.
  • Vidav - White Tiger-like Stratrgist and friend of Hoton.
  • Viqtarr - Bear-like Overworlder.
  • Vlar - Maxxor's ancestor from times long past and a thief.


Some OverWorld creatures have a connection with the Zodiac of western astrology, although it may just be a coincidence.

  • Aries - Arias, name and resemblence of a Ram.
  • Taurus - Arias, resemblence of a Bull and the element of Earth is associated with both.
  • Leo - Tangath Toborn, resemblence of a Lion and the element of Fire is associated with both.
  • Saggitarius - Staluk, centaur/horse resemblence- typically associated with sign.
  • Scorpio - Slurhk, resemblence of a Scorpion.
  • Capricorn - Owis, resemblence of a Goat.

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