Over Under Rent Asunder is an episode in the American animated television series Chaotic. It is the fourth episode of the first season.

Short Summary

"Kaz enrages the unbeaten Chaotic player 'HercuLeon' and fights for the honor of his favorite tribe; Tom gets a history lesson about Perim and why the OverWorlders and UnderWorlders hate each other."

Plot in Detail

In this week's episode we got to see two expert players battle it out, Kaz and the unbeaten Leon (aka Herculeon). We also got to see our first advanced match, a 3-on-3 match-up. Kaz was able to use Takinom's special ability to destroy her own teammates to restore her energy, which Kaz did twice. He also used "Song of Revival" to bring one of them back, only to destroy him for health again, so you never see his other two creatures in action. Leon used Tartarek's special ability to swap places with a teammate in battle, so he was able to switch characters during the match. When a creature is beaten, they return to the dome floor and they select another creature and location again. The battle when right up to the wire with the winner being decided at the last moment, with Leon's winning streak intact. Meanwhile Tom, Peyton and Sarah are watching the match while re-telling what they believe is the history of Perim and the Cothica, told from two very different points of view.


Sarah: Rebecca Soler

Kaz: Darren Dunstan

Tom: Adam Caroleson




Although this was the fourth episode aired, it was the sixth episode to be animated.

Kaz only uses Takinom in the battle because the other two creatures are sacrificed.

If you look closely, you can see the creatures Kaz sacrifices in order to heal Takinom are Pyrithion and Ghuul.

In battledrome, Heptadd evolves into Tartarek just like a Digimon.

Origianl Airdates

USA - January 27, 2007 @ 11:30am (eastern)