Owis is an OverWorld Creature. He resembles a goat.


An OverWorlder that looks like a anthromorphized goat or deer.


Owis is a Powerful OverWorld Guardian, resembling an albino goat. Two horns protrude from his head as well as a large mane of hair that flows down to and around his neck and shoulders. Owis has a Tattoo on his right arm, resembling an anchor in a circle, as well as a scar shaped Tattoo over his right eye. He is also carrying a Telescope on his back, possibly so that he can identify enemies from a distance, such as from the top of the Cordac Falls.

Character History

Owis is rumored to live on the shores of Lake Morn, but he's actually on the move most of the time. He patrols the areas around Lake Morn and, perhaps more importantly, the top of Cordac Falls. There he keeps potential spies and invaders at bay. At the falls, Owis has managed to repel all bar one attempt from UnderWorlders and Danians to breach the falls. The only time he failed to repel an attempt to breach was against the Danian Noble Ekuud, who managed to escape after being forced off the edge of the falls by a Telekinetic Bolt attack.

Owis is a famous creature both in the eyes of the Overworld and unfortunately the UnderWorld. Because of his uncanny nature of Protecting the top of Cordac Falls from spies he has gained many enemies from the UnderWorld. Just like in the original Chaotic Owis is always traveling. In the original TCG Blaizer is one of Owis's closest friends because of the Traveling comparisons that they share.

In the original he loves to use a Bat as his Weapon of Choice. Owis (In the present chaotic) is sort of like the trusty OverWorlder known as "Handles" from the original Chaotic. He is very strong and is very well skilled in Medicene. But don't under estimate this Goat like creature or it might be the last mistake you will ever make. Owis is also a very caring and soft-hearted creature.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
8 Everything is in Flux Yes No
23 Stelgar Strikes No Yes
71 Hotekk's Challenge Yes Yes
72 Hotekk's Challenge Part Two Yes No


  • Everything is in Flux
Tom uses Owis in his battle against Klay/Magmon. He uses his Mugician's Lyre, Mugic Reprise and the Song of Futuresight to help win the battle to make the following location the Iron Pillar, which ruined Klay's Strategy with the Flux Bauble.
  • Hotekk's Challenge (Parts 1 and 2)
Tom uses Owis in his battle against Codemaster Hotekk. Tom reveals to his friends that after the M'arrilion Invasion, Owis had become friends with Dardemus, who is teaching him fire attacks. Tom uses Owis to surprise Codemaster Hotekk with something unexpected. Owis ends up being Tom's last creature. In the final battle of the match, Tom must beat 5 of Codemaster Hotekk's creatures at once. Tom uses the Hymn of the elements mugic to give Owis earth attacks. Since Hotekk's creatures only had 5 energy each, Tom uses Terraport to port to Cordac Falls Plungepool, where all the creatures are automatically destroyed due to the fact that Cordac Falls Plungepool deals 5 damage to all engaged creatures.

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  • It's revealed that after the M'arrillians were defeated Owis and the UnderWorlder Dardemus had become friends and that he had learned fire attacks from him.


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