Paral-Eyes is an Attack Card.

"If the Attacker is enough, Paral-Eyes has the potential to deal major damage."
―Portal to Perim,

Attack Origins

Background Information

When an Attacker uses the Paral-Eyes Attack, his (or her) eyes glow sparks as seem to fill the eyes. The opponent will suffer massive damage while looking at the Attacker, especially if the opponent lacks sufficient Speed to escape the gaze of the Attacker. Paral-Eyes is used throughout Perim, especially on Creatures with great Speed who can be stopped in their tracks by this paralyzing Attack.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 2
Base Damage : 10
Fire Damage :
Air Damage :
Earth Damage :
Water Damage :


Challenge Stat Speed Speed 15: Deal 10 damage.

Insight on Card Abilities



Paral-Eyes has a Base Damage of 10, which makes it an efficient Attack at a Build Cost of 2. If a Speed Challenge is won, the Attacker deals an additional 10 damage, causing 20 damage total.


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