""Expect the Unexpected""
―Peyton, "Unexpected"

Peyton Touhey (Peytonic Master) is one of the main characters of the Chaotic TV show.

Character Origins


Peyton has brown shaggy hair and green eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt underneath a green and gray jacket. Peyton is also bigger than the other main protagonists, in height and width.

Personality and Behaviour

Peyton is a formidable Chaotic player. He speaks in slang and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game and Perim. His intense opinions, his appearance, and his unorthodox style of battle as well as the way he expresses himself all lead to comedic situations. 

He looks funny, talks funny, and acts funny. He likes to test unusual theories and strategies in battle, which, shockingly, leads to victory more often than not. Though he loves to win -- especially with his Mipedian Creatures -- Peyton will also battle using some of Perim’s freakiest Creatures, just to have the experience of transforming into them and "feeling their vibes."

Peyton's prowess in the game of Chaotic is truly second to none and he has many friends in the domain of Perim including a young Danian. Despite being goofy, quirky, and an excessive eater as well as a true friend to many who admire his quirky attitude, he knows how 'to bring tha thunder.' When it comes to Chaotic, he knows how to 'look past the personalities and find the powers.'

TV Show

Peyton has appeared in every episode since Unexpected, along with cameo roles in the first two episodes of Season 1.


Welcome to Chaotic (Part One) Blink and you'll miss it. Peyton only features as a background character. When Tom enters Chaotic, before the girl appears next to him, Peyton walks by. Also, when Tom falls in the snow and says "Good thing nobody saw that," you can see Peyton laughing at Tom next to Kaz.


Mainly based on Mipedians, his deck focuses on various unusual methods of winning, such as utilizing the seemingly non-existant hidden location abilities to get the edge on his opponent. His unorthodox style has made him a popular player in Chaotic.

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Enemies And Allies


"Expect the unexpected"
―Peyton, Various
"Be Unexpected...but not to unexpected!"
―Peyton to Kaz, Fighting Friendly
""Eye of the tiger...other eye of the tiger!""
―Peyton, Fighting Friendly



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