Phobia Mask is a Battlegear Card.


Built to look frightening, the Phobia Mask is even more chilling once it is activated. When the gems on the mask begin to glow, this Battlegear sends out nightmarish visions that weaken opposing Creatures, usually turning them into quivering cowards.

Background Information

Khybon built the Phobia Mask at his massive forge that stands astride Molten River. The gems in the mask act as projectors, sending frightening visions into an opponent’s mind. The first mask Khybon built was apparently destroyed in a mysterious accident, but he later returned to the drawing board and built a new one. Agitos, Chaor’s trusted adviser, wore a Phobia Mask when he battled the much stronger Frafdo at Castle Pillar. With the help of the menacing mask, Agitos emerged triumphant.


The Phobia Mask strikes fear into the hearts of opponents by lowering their Courage and Power.

 Basic Stats

Card ID 63
Card Type Battlegear




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