The PortCourt is a place where Chaotic players can watch matches, grab a bite to eat, or Port into Perim and grab scans. Chaotic players can also trade scans with other players including:

  • Mugic Scans
  • Location Scans
  • Creature Scans
  • Battle Gear Scans

Chaotic players can order food from an obliging service robot.

Food items

Breakfast Items: (According to the episode "When a CodeMaster Calls")

  • Apples (Sarah is seen snacking on an apple until Kaz joins her in a groggy state. Peyton is battling Ulmanator uring a Vinta V.S. Ulmar match in the early morning.)
  • 2% Milk (Kaz orders this with his Crackling Chaor Crunchies)
  • Crackling Chaor Crunchies
  • Junda Juice

Other Food Items:

  • Maxxoroni and Cheese (Sarah orders this entree during a match. It is green in appearance, but supposedly has the same ingredients as regular macaroni and cheese.)
  • Cheeseburger
  • Onion Rings of Na'arin
  • Ice Cream Sundaes
  • Chirrul Chips
  • Shimmark Shake
  • Lomma Late
  • Frafdoccino
  • Pizza
  • Popcorn (Clay offers some to Tom and is friends before the match between twin sisters Jycella and Krystella.)
  • Magmon Mocha
  • Banana Split (Tom and Sarah split it in Scavenger Scan)
Port Court 1

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