Prexxor Chasm is a Location Card.


Prexxor Chasm is one of the most dangerous locations in all of Perim. Many large cracks appear on the mantle of Prexxor Chasm, hence its name. The danger here lies not only in the location, but also the creatures. Prexxor Chasm is not densely populated, and appears to be ancient, as seen by the lack of technology or culture.

A struggle which is known as the Battle for Prexxor Chasm took place here


It is a large rock valley. The location is incredibly dangerous as one small misstep and you will plummet into the depths.


Prexxor Chasm is an ancient part of Perim. The creatures who live here are throwbacks to Perim's prehistory and bear uncanny resemblences to the creatures of Earth's Ice Age. The creatures in Prexxor Chasm are more feral than in the more civilized parts of Perim. Many of the creatures located here are creatures long forgotten by time, otherwise known as "past" creatures. They will attack creatures and humans they encounter without a second thought. Few creatures here are friendly like Smildon and the others are creatures with minds like wild animals that are blood-thristy.

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The Codemaster Chronicles (Part One)

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