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Background Information

It seems to be used by the M'arrillians as a sparring chamber. It has a number of odd effect caused by it.


Appearance and Scenery

Resembles a Coral reef.

Notable Inhabitants


Card Information


Initiative: Courage
Engaged creatures gain "exhaust courage 5" and "exhaust wisdom 5"
"The lucky ones go insane"


  1. Use in an army of creatures with low wisdom and courage so that it's rffects do not hurt you as bad.
  2. Use with Fal'makin or Emna'ool (Requiem of Fear or Requiem of Lost Minds are also acceptable)

TV Show


  1. When a Codemaster Calls
    • It is one of the locations Peyton went ther to get scans for Codemaster Hotekk (Klay in a costume) thinking he was Hotekk's apprentice.

Cards and Scans

  1. Peyton


"quote text"
―attribution, episode


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