Putting the Muge in Mugic

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Putting the Muge in Mugic
Episode Information
Season 2
Official Episode # 17
Original Airdate U.S.A: March 21st 2009

Canada: Augest 2ed 2009

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Newbie Mister E
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Tom, Kaz, and Peyton reach Broken Edge (the border between the OverWorlders and the Mipedians) in hopes to find new Mugic and BattleGear for Tom's Drome Match. Upon stumbling on the Mipedians, they managed to evade them and find the OverWorld camp. They then end up caught by Arias and Attacat and are brought in for questioning. Lucky for them, Najarin intervenes before Viqtarr gains information from them his way.

Tangath Toborn returns to reveal that Prince Mudeenu is plotting to take Broken Edge. Hune Marquard creates the Surge Song Mugic which Najarin wasn't able to make. Tangath Torborn decides to use Hun Marquard's Mugic on him, Arias, Viqtarr, Attacat, Katarin and the OverWorld soldiers. The Mipedians attack as the OverWorlders fight them. With the Mugic a success, Najarin leaves.

Moments later in his drome match, Tom uses his the Surge Song to defeat some of his opponent's creatures. But when it comes to the final creature, Tom as Gaspedan loses its speed and power as some side effect. Tom forfeits his match and heads to Najarin while Kaz and Peyton head to Broken Edge. Tom informs Najarin about Surge Song as the OverWorlders are losing to the Mipedians. Najarin tries to find a way to fix this problem while the OverWorlders try to hold off the Mipedians.

Najarin manages to create Revocation and tells Tom to get to Tangath Toborn and give him the Mugic. Using reverse psychology, Tom manages to trick Xelfe into thinking that Revocation Mugic drains the energy of the OverWorlders where it actually restores the OverWorlders' energies. This causes the Mipedians to retreat.

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