"My friend was falsely accused of treason here. He was innocent, but the Kiru Tribunal imprisoned him. So I decided to imprison them, and all their fellow conspirators!"
―Quisk, Dangers of Diplomacy

Character Origins


Quisk is an extremely ugly mammal-like creature resembling an aye-aye. He has pinkish gray skin with dark spots on his head, and pale yellow eyes with green irises. This creature is very skinny and has only a few white hairs, suggesting that he is of an older age or in poor health. He wears a grayish green tunic with gray patches on his right elbow, upper left arm, and on front of his waist. The tunic is tattered at the edges, and the sleeves go down right above his wrists and the tunic goes down right above his knees. He wears no shoes, and carries around a brown staff, which curves, making a circular shape on top.

Background Information

Not too much is known of Quisk's background, only that his friend was accused of something that he did not do, and Quisk must have heard about it or was somehow informed about it prior to imprisoning Kiru City.

Personality and Behaviour

Quisk is a very loyal friend, however he is also vengeful. He seems he can be a bit crazed being full of vengeance, responding very slowly to Raznus and Maxxor, and just standing there, merely staring at the city. He is hard-willed and will never give up, but he will be willing to compromise to achieve what he desires. Quisk also puts friendship over vengeance, like when he trusted Raznus and Maxxor to speak with his father to plead his case.


Affiliations, Loyalties and Allies



Kiru City (briefly)

Card Details

Basic Stats

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Release and Promotion

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
42 Dangers of Diplomacy No Yes

In Dangers of Diplomacy Quisk had imprisoned everyone in Kiru City with a Mugic forcefield due to an unjust imprisonment of an unnamed friend. A youthful Maxxor and Raznus conviced Quisk to let everyone go in exchange for helping his friend go free.


Quisk has only made an appearance on the TV show, and it is unknown if he'll return.

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―attribution, episode



  • If his friend was proven guilty again was never shown

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