"With Qwun's blinding speed, using his invisibility is rarely necessary" - Card text.

Qwun is a Mipedian Creature.

Background Information 

Qwun is a Mipedian Scout who has been assigned to the defense of Mipedian territory for many years. He’s a loner who prefers to roam the endless Mipedian sands, listening for the whispering winds and the secrets they carry from the OverWorld. He’s known throughout the desert for his blinding Speed and his Invisibility. His superiors regard him as a dependable and loyal Scout.

Basic Stats

Stat Courage Courage :
55 (45–65)
Stat Power Power :
40 (30–50)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
55 (45–65)
Stat Speed Speed :
90 (80–100)
Energy :
35 (30–40)

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
15 Shifting Sands Yes No
17 Scavenger Scan No Yes