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He is a Past OverWorld Creature and Xaerv's ancestor, a friend Kiru, the Past OverWorld leader. In A Gigantic Mission, help Kiru and the OverWorlders catch Vlar, to help them get a creature that Kaal wants and tribe mates.

Later on in history, he stay with Vlar as request by Kiru to help the OverWorld and UnderWorld in harmony with each other and his home is the Storm Tunnel for many years. Ending up having Xaerv in present and knowing his son will fast as him or faster.

Has apperantly helped Kiru before.


A caveman version of Xaerv carry a spear and with sharp teeth, brown loin cloth, sharp two-toes, three digit claws and long, white messy hair. Like Xaerv, he can move fast as him and takes pride of his speed and victory in battle.

TV Show

Card Owner

Creature Appearances

  1. Hotekk's Challenge Part1
  2. Hotekk's Challenge Part 2
  3. A Gigantic Mission

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