Regginald Terrington
Biograhpical Information
Gender Male
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue
Televisual Information
Appears in Castle Bhodrun or Bust Part 1 and 2


A young British boy named Reginald Terrington he has blond hair and blue eyes. Judging by his limo, and clothing it can be assumed that he is rich. Reggie also is in a wheelchair, due to a mishap that occured sometime after losing contact with his Chaotic selfs adventures. 


He appeared in Castle Boudran or Bust part one and two he appeared in a limousine and judging by his ways he is a young rich kid. Tom lost his Maxxor scan in favor of helping him find his scanner. He in the end offers Tom a Maxxor card but he turns down the offer. He also appears shortly in the episode "Elementary", getting a scan of a much cleaner Riverlands, while Tom is trying to scan Unda.

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