Rellim is an OverWorld Creature.


Rellim appears as a stubby Purple skinned cyclops with muscular arms. He has stumpy legs and hoof-like feet.


Character History

Rellim, originally known as "Kalad of Marrahd", In the Chaotic: Now Or Never! TCG is one of us Water Element Fan's, favorite OverWorlder with the Water Element. The Riverland Watermill is home to the One eyed Purple creature known as Rellim. Rellim (Whether you believe it or not) originally had 2 eyes, hornes, and A strage looking type of armor. Not to mention a Head Piece that almost every creature has OverWorlder and UnderWorlders alike. Khalad is his real name and is a location in the Riverlands from which he is from. His Special Power which is "Lone Ranger" stats (Obviously) that he doesn't really like to be around others. The original Rellim (Kalad Of Marrahd) isn't one who likes to fight because he's, well, he's not that brave. Kalad lives in a location known as Marrahd which is a area in the Riverlands north of Gloomuck swamp. He lives alone and doesn't really like company. He never really searches for the ChaosRock (Originally known as the Dracco Stone but now known as the Cothica). In fact Kalad isn't that easy to find but as said by Shammif in Kalad's original TEXT its well worth the search.

The Card

relim is a very good creature all around he has an ability that boostes his courarge he has excellent power good wisdom and speed he has a type and 1 mugic and has solid energy he is a very good card for a beginner and a bit better than average for a advanced deck.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
35 Dual, Duel (Part One) Yes No
68 Perithon! No Yes
78 Elementary No Yes


the episode when kristella and klay cheat tom and kaz out of battle gear

It shows rellim destroying cannon and then loses because of sarah's awesome come back
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Card Owners

  • Tom
  • Peyton


Its name spelled backwards is miller, making a reference to his mill at the riverlands.

Notes and References

Rellim comes with the Overworrld starter deck.

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