Riverland Star is a Battlegear Card.


The Riverland Star holds sparkling, life-giving water from the Riverlands. OverWorld Creatures who use Water Attacks receive healing Energy from this gear, just like at the Riverlands. The Riverland Star gives Courage to any Creature who wields it.

Background Information Edit

This watery Battlegear is a favorite of Rellim, especially when he finds himself outside the Riverlands. Rellim relied on a Riverland Star for defense when he was ambushed by the gruesome Ghuul during a trading expedition to the Pouril Forest. Thanks to the healing properties of the star, Rellim withstood a punishing barrage of Fire Attacks. He then turned the tide of battle with a powerful Steam Rage, followed by a barrage of Hail Storm Attacks. Ghuul was quickly all washed up! 

Details Edit

The Riverland Star gives Courage to Creatures and heals OverWorlders when they deploy Water Attacks.

Basic Stats Edit

Card ID 67
Card Type Battlegear
Rarity Unknown