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The Riverlands contain a large beautiful river providing water to most of the OverWorld. Many creatures reside in the various pools and caverns here. The Riverlands also connects to Crystal Cave.

The location itself was attacked and taken over by the M'arrillians during the M'arrillian Invasion and was used as Erak'Tabb's main foothold. The rivers were polluted and used as means to spread the infection throughout Perim. The squads stationed here to protect it from the M'arillians were brainwashed and their leader, Tartarek, was sent back to be a Aa'une's eyes and ears in the Tribal Alliance. Maxxor travelled here, viewing the desolation firsthand and spurring him forward to eventually defeat the M'arrilians.


Appearance and Scenery

A landscape of jagged cliffs, rocky embankments, steep slopes, and water. Several rivers flow through the canyons here, carving them and sculpting rock formations and caves into the sides of the cliffs. Creatures who possess control over the water element will find this location extremely advantageous.

Notable Inhabitants

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If a creature deals water damage, Riverlands heals 5 Energy to that Creature.
No one has yet to reach the source of the rushing waters. Could the Cothica be where it all begins?

Riverlands, Abandoned Wastes

When Riverlands becomes the active Location, each player shuffles their attack hand into their attack deck and draws two Attack Cards.

Riverlands, Erak'tabb's Foothold

When this becomes the active Location, each player removes a Mug from a Creature they control. M'arrillian and Minion Creatures take 5 less damage from Attack Cards.


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