Short Summary

Peyton is shocked to learn that he is battling the lead singer of his favorite band, and is offered free tickets to the next concert if he can win and all he has to do is beat his Screamer which he does with his h'earring in the crypt of eternal echoes


Battledrome Battle: Peyton vs Eddie (6 on 6)

Round 1: Eddie's Attack- Screamer (Eddie) attacks Ario (Peyton) at Wooden Pillar

Play By Play: Ario hides in a hole at the pillar. Scramer scearches for Ario and screams a fire attack but he didnt see Ario. Ario surprises Sceamer by congratulating him. Screamer screams another fire attack and makes a direct hit. But, Ario doesnt attack, Screamer codes Ario with a Air attack.

Round 2: Peyton's Attack- Blugon attacks Screamer (Eddie) at Sands of the Unseen

Round 3: Eddie's Attack- Screamer (Eddie) attacks Maglax (Peyton)

Round 4: Peyton's Attack- Dasalin (Peyton) attacks Screamer (Eddie) at Pouril Forest

Song of Transposition swaps Screamer for Cyrenox.

Round 5: Eddie's Attack- Banshor (Eddie) attacks Orth (Peyton)

Round 6: Peyton's Attack- Orth (Peyton) attacks Bladez (Eddie)

Round 7: Eddie's Attack- Skithia (Eddie) attacks Dasalin (Peyton) at Ulmar's Castle

Round 8: Peyton's Attack- Dasalin (Peyton) attacks Bladez (Eddie)

Round 9: Eddie's Attack- Dyrtax attacks Dasalin (Peyton)

Round 10: Peyton's Attack- H'earring (Peyton) attacks Dyrtax (Eddie)

Round 11: Eddie's Attack- Screamer (Eddie) attacks H'earring (Peyton)

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