Rothar is an UnderWorld Creature. He resembles a minotaur.


Rothar resembles a red-skinned minotaur with armor. He is often reckless with his attacks and is known to be hit-and-miss with his attacks.


Rothar is one of the few Underworlders who can't use fire attacks. After the Lost City was raised however, he gains the ability to use Fire and Air in addition to his Earth element. He also becomes less reckless but must attack enemies if they are adjacent from him. Though as strong as the ox he's based off of, he always sticks up for his allies even laying his own hide on the line. In fact he's perhaps one of the most loyal and yet most backstabbing of the creatures of Perim and the whole Underworld for that matter. He's also one of the M'arrillian Invasion veterans along with Heptadd, Narfall, Maxxor, Chaor, Takinom and Ulmar to name a few.

Character History

One of his past missions was to find Iparu's secret jungle and take it over to be used as an Underworld Base of Operations for surprise attacks on the Overworld. The mission failed due to Iparu posing as Kaz and getting a little help from Tom and his friends. Apparently when the tablet depicting information on the Lost City was found, Rothar was part of the Underworld party that double crossed the Mipedians and attacked the camp.

The Card

  • This was released as a demo card at the New York ComicCon 2007.

In the Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
17 Scavenger Scan Yes No
23 Stelgar Strikes No Yes
26 The Ultimate Scan No Yes
44 Colosseum Showdown No Yes
48 Mega Match Yes No
65 Last Stand (Part One) No Yes
66 Last Stand (Part Two) No Yes
67 Legions of Aa'une‏‏ No Yes


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  • Some suspect Rothar of secretly working for Van Bloot, though this is often discredited.

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