The collector's tin is shaped like a scanner and comes in two parts - the top of the tin looks like a scanner from the tv show colored appropriately to a tribe, the bottom can contain more cards. The top container (the scanner portion) can hold enough cards for your average battle deck as well as having a compartment for displaying a particular creature card. Each tin comes with two super rare cards in the display portion of the scanner and 5 booster packs of cards underneath. There will be 1 Dawn of Perim (secrets) pack, 2 Zenith of the Hive packs and 2 Shifting Sands packs.

The five different tins each have a specific Super rare which comes with them and a second random super rare.


Scanner portion is colored Blue and includes Karraba.


Scanner is colored Red and includes Barrath Beyond


Scanner is colored Brown and includes Lore


Scanner is colored Yellow and includes Prince Mudeenu


Scanner is colored Black and includes Rasbma Darini