Card Information
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Card Type Creature —

Uw UnderWorld Creature

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Artist ?
Biograhpical Information
Age ?
Gender Male
Hair colour ?
Eye colour ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Loyalty Underworld
Enemy All non-underworld tribes
Inhabits Crypt of Eternal Echoes
Televisual Information

Sceamer is an underworld creature.


Screamer looks like a pseudo-vampire with sky blue hair, longer then usual purple finger nails, a small red crest crest in the middle of his forehead and midnight blue leather that goes from the middle of his torso to just above his knees. He is famous for his powerful sound attacks. His home is the Crypt of Eternal Echoes. When he is on a battleteam, he can borrow battlegear from his other creatures, and he is totally awesomly awesome! The only known person that has a Screamer scan is Noisemaker. Here are his stats!

Card Details

Background Information

Screamer is one of the few creatures to of used a Gigantroper. During the M'arillian invasion Screamer was a creature that folowed Takinom to battle minions. However, as Screamer using a gigantroper gave the m'arrillians an advantage when he became a minion. Screamer regained his will once the deep ones were defeated.

Personality and Behaviour

TV Show


# Episode Used in BattleDrome? Appearance in Perim?
45 Rockwave and Roll Yes No
67 Legions of Aa’une No Yes


  • This Creature was never released as a card.

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