Shadow Strike


Card Information
Card Number Dawn of Perim-118/232
Card Type Atk Attack
Rarity {{text-Common}}
Artist Andrew Bradshaw & David Curiel
Televisual Information
―attribution, episode

Attack Origins

Background Information

This attack card is based on shadows.With a build cost of 0 and up to 10 damage this is a good card to have in any deck,aspecaly with really brave guys.

Card Information

Basic Stats

Build Points : 0
Base Damage : 0
Fire Damage : 0
Air Damage : 0
Earth Damage : 0
Water Damage : 0


Challenge Stat CourageCourage 15: Deal 10 damage.


  • Use this attack card with really brave decks.

Release and Promotion

TV Show


Card/Scan Copies and Owners


"quote text"
―attribution, episode



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