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Tom refuses to trade a scan from Ravanaugh Ridge  for Peyton's Mipedian cards because he distrusts the lizard-like warriors. His opinion changes, however, when he and Peyton are saved from certain destruction by a noble Mipedian called Tianne.


Peyton is annoyed that Tom dislikes Mipedians due to the events of Castle Bodhran or Bust, Part 2.  He tells Tom that good and evil lie in all tribes, and takes Tom to The Kashere Driftlands.  While Tom and Peyton are looking for Mipedian scans an Overworlder named Slurhk attacks them thinking they are after his water. Slurhk then traps them in a crack in the desert floor where a noble Midpedian named Tianne saves them from a sandstorm. Upon hearing Tom's distrust in Mipedian kind, Tianne tells Tom to scan him and use him in his next Chaotic match. After he does so they are attacked again by Slurk, and Tianne saves them again by sacrificing himself. Tom's trust in Mipedians has been restored.  In a Battledrome, Tom fights an all Overworlder player who's disgusted at the Mipedians in Tom's deck.  Tom uses the same self-sacrificing technique on hisv opponent's last creature to win the match.

BattleDrome Match-up


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Creatures Tiaane in the back, Tangath and Staluk in the middle, and Qwun, Dractyl and Arias at the front

Battlegear Tiaane: Ring of Na'arin

Qwun: Liquilizer

Dractyl: Pyroblaster

Arias: Stone Mail

Staluck: Cyclance

Tangath: Sword of Khy'at

Mugic Syntonic Shield

Melody of Mirage

Locations Glacier Plains

Najarin's Castle


Castle Bodhran

Mipedians Osais

Battle Board

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