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Character HistoryEdit

For years, Siril'ean has lived isolated in exile in his lair amid the flooded peaks of the Dead Range. Although Siril'ean's powers as a Fluidmorpher may have seemed useless and ordinary before the invasion of dryland Perim, they proved to be no such thing. He is the only M'arrillian who possesses the power to silence and steal the Mugic of the dryland Tribes. This ability has made it impossible for Aa'une and the Chieftains of the Psikoom to ignore Siril'ean. That is why the charges against him have recently been revoked and he has been allowed to return from his exile.


A light-indigo monstrosity resembling a butterfly.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

Due to who Siril'ean is attacking, we can guess that he is the High Muge of the M'arrillians, hence his ability to cast used and dispelled mugics.


Affiliations, Loyalties and AlliesEdit

M'arrillians and Minions


All other tribes

Card DetailsEdit

Basic StatsEdit

Stat Courage Courage :
45 (35–55)
Stat Power Power :
20 (10–30)
Stat Wisdom Wisdom :
80 (70–90)
Stat Speed Speed :
20 (10–30)
Energy :
20 (15–25)


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The 4 high muges (Najarin, Kopond, Lore, and Enre-Hep) can be seen in Siril'ean's picture.

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