Creatures stop cold at the sound of a Skeletal Steed’s pounding hooves! With impressive range and swiftness, these fearsome beasts carry Creatures through the most perilous parts of Perim. A Skeletal Steed must be revealed at the start of a match.

Background Information

According to Perim legend, a herd of wild Drelp Beasts stampeded a powerful Muge in the OverWorld. The Muge cursed the herd and they were instantly transformed into living skeletons. A great rift opened up in the ground and the herd of Skeletal Steeds galloped into the UnderWorld, never to see daylight again unless they were ridden in battle. Frightening in appearance and brave in battle, these steeds remain fiercely loyal to the Warriors who ride them no matter what their Tribe.


Navigating your way through treacherous battlegrounds is a cinch with a steadfast Skeletal Steed.

Basic Stats

Card ID 68== ==
Card Type Battlegear
Rarity Unknown